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During these years we have participated, with sportswear of jerseys for leaders of sponsorships for various Vueltas a España and from Valencia, Murcia, Asturias, Burgos, Ruta del Sol de Andalucía, Semana Catalana and Vuelta Clásica a Alcobendas.

A good exsample of this is our collaboration with the Selección Española during the most important victories such as:


  • Abraham Olano : World Champion in Fondo en Ruta
  • Miguel Indurain : World Champion in Contra Reloj
  • Miguel Indurain : World sub-champion in Fondo en Ruta
  • Oscar Freire : Second in Sub-23 Líne
  • Mercedes Cagigas : Third in Ladies Junior Contra Reloj
  • Mercedes Cagigas : Fifth in Ladies Junior Line
  • Melchor Mauri : Fifth in Elite Línea
  • Melchor Mauri : Sixth in Elite Contra Reloj
  • Oscar Freire : World champion in Verona – Italy
  • Miquel Alandete : World Champion in Master.30 Austria


  • Izaskun Bengoa : Second CRI
  • Izaskun Bengoa : Third Line
  • Fátima Blázquez : Fourth Line
  • Oscar Freire : Fifth Line


  • José Antonio Escudero : World record in Kilómetro
  • José Antonio Escudero : Second in General World Cup
  • José Manuel Moreno : World record Velocidad
  • Alzamora/Llaneras : First in Elite Americana
  • Dori Ruano : Second in Ladies Elite Puntuación
  • Joan Llaneras : Third in Elite Puntuación


1990 Exit la Vuelta España , 2nd stage departing from the area of Model Sports

1992 Finishing line of la Vuelta a España, 7th stage at the area of Model Sports

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